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Duration: 8 Weeks
Lectures: 6
Video: 1:12
Level: Advanced

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Vital Energy Breathing II 

An advanced 8-week course designed to elevate your mastery of harnessing vital energy for an enriched life. Before you start this advanced journey, make sure to set your preferred language in the menu for the best experience. If you want the videos in another language, just switch it before you begin the course.

This course goes beyond the basics, demanding a higher level of commitment and practice. Mastery requires dedication to each exercise, and as you progress through the weeks, you’ll witness a profound transformation in your understanding and utilization of vital energy.

Immerse yourself in 6 insightful lectures, totaling 1 hour and 12 minutes of carefully curated content. From theory considerations to specialized exercises, each video is designed to guide you through the intricacies of Vital Energy Breathing II.

Topics covered in theory and practice include:

  • Breathing with the whole body
  • The vital energy accumulation
  • Breathing vital energy with body parts
  • The breathing of vital energy with organs

Additionally, indulge in 3 guided meditations, focusing on specific aspects such as breathing with the whole body, vital energy with the left and right foot, and vital energy with the liver.

Acquire advanced knowledge and skills, such as breathing vital energy with the whole body, maximizing your energy level, and specialized techniques for body regions and organs. The skills gained in this course empower you to achieve remarkable results:

  • Experience a 300% to 1000% increase in vital energy, tailored to your needs.
  • Elevate your personal energy level even further.
  • Boost performance and vitality.
  • Strengthen overall health and support healing processes.
  • Develop resilience against negative influences and diseases.
  • Radiate a strong personal charisma.
  • Attain more success in life.
  • Propel personal development.
  • Achieve your goals with greater ease.

Embark on this advanced journey, commit to the exercises, and unlock the extraordinary potential to thrive in vitality, charisma, and success. Are you ready to amplify your vital energy and transform your life?

Attention: This course is currently available in the following languages: English and German. We plan to release translations of the courses in the main languages (the same as available in our site translation menu) in the coming months. If you would like to be notified when the course is translated into your language, please provide your email address below and select your preferred language.

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Vital Energy Breathing II

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Vital Energy Breathing II