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Wish Materialization

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Please read this article before you start learning.

Our Topics in Theory and Practice are:

  • Introduction – Life, Needs and Wishes
  • The Mystery of the Creator
  • The Tragedy of the unconscious Creator
  • Back to Physics Lessons
  • From Physics to Metaphysics
  • The Pyramid of Creation
  • The Pyramid of Creation and the Materialization Process
  • The Pyramid of Creation, the Materialization Process and the five Elements
  • Example: Getting Ice Cream – how it works
  • Materialization Factors: You as the Creator
  • Materialization Factors: Your Start Situation
  • Materialization Factors: Your Wish
  • Materialization Factors: Wish Project Management
  • Materialization Factors: The Wish Formula
  • Materialization Factors: Place and Timing
  • Materialization Factors: Counterforces and Blockades
  • Materialization Factors: The Target Situation or Goal
  • Exercise I: Create your Wish List!
  • Exercise II: The Management of Wishes
  • Technical Aspects: The Wish Formula + Energy
  • Technical Aspects: The Wish Formula – Special
  • Technical Aspects: The Wish Formulation – Basics
  • Technical Aspects: The Wish Formulation – Phrases
  • Exercise III: Formulate your wishes!
  • The Technical Approach: The Wish Realization
  • Wish Realization: Will Power
  • Wish Realization: Imagination
  • Wish Realization: Autosuggestion
  • Wish Realization: Autohypnosis
  • Wish Realization: Prayer
  • Wish Realization: Vital Energy
  • Wish Realization: Fire Element
  • Wish Realization: Air Element
  • Wish Realization: Water Element
  • Wish Realization: Earth Element
  • Wish Realization: Akasha Element
  • Wish Realization: Akasha Depth Point
  • Wish Realization: Elementals
  • Wish Realization: Elementars
  • Wish Realization: Cooperation with Deities
  • Wish Realization: Electric fluid
  • Wish Realization: Magnetic fluid
  • Wish Realization: Electromagnetic fluid
  • Wish Realization: Light

You gain the following Knowledge and Skills:

  • The Mystery of the Creator
  • The Tragedy of the unconscious Creator
  • The Laws of Physics and Metaphysics
  • Creation and the Process of Materialization
  • How to get Ice Cream
  • The Factors of Materialization
  • The Technical Background of Wish Realization
  • All main Ways of realizing Wishes with the various Energies

With your new Skills you can:

  • You can work on becoming a conscious Creator in the Image of God
  • You can apply the various factors of materialization for full success
  • You understand all types of energy and how to work with them
  • You can get ice cream
  • You can apply the laws of creation
  • You can apply the principles of physics and metaphysics
  • You can work perfectly with high efficiency on your progress in life and on the spiritual path

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Wish Materialization