Translation Suggestions

Welcome to the Translation Suggestions chat room! This space is dedicated to improving the translations across our platform for mystical teachings and courses.As we expand our offerings to more languages, we rely on the community’s help to ensure accurate and high-quality translations. If you notice any errors, awkward phrasing, or opportunities for better word choices in the translated content, please share your suggestions here.To submit a translation suggestion:

  1. Note the specific language and section where the translation needs improvement (e.g. course title, lesson text, menu labels, etc.)
  2. Provide the existing translated text you want to update.
  3. Share your proposed translation along with a brief explanation for the change.
  4. If applicable, include context around the mystical/spiritual concepts to aid in translation.

Our team will review all suggestions and implement changes to enhance the translations over time. While we may not be able to address every single item immediately, we deeply appreciate you taking the time to elevate the experience for all our global members. A few guidelines:

  • Please focus suggestions solely on translation quality, not opinions on the source content itself
  • Limit each post to one translation issue for clarity
  • Be respectful of all languages and cultures
  • Avoid any inappropriate or offensive language

Thank you for joining us in this important effort! Your translation suggestions will directly impact how clearly these sacred mystical teachings can be understood across borders. We’re grateful for your passion for spreading this wisdom accurately worldwide.