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Soul Training II

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Please read this article before you start learning.

Our Topics in Theory and Practice are:

  • Introduction – The Reanimation of the Energy Body
  • Introduction – The crucial Points about the Work with the Chakras
  • Introduction – Ways of working with the Chakras
  • The Occult Anatomy Posters as a basis for work
  • The 6 Aims of working with the Chakras
  • The Process: Concentration plus Intention
  • The basic Technique of Chakra Activation
  • Reminder: Spiritual Goals for the Chakra Training
  • Change and Growth need Time
  • The Nature of the Chakras
  • The main Chakras
  • The Location of the Chakras
  • The Application of two Keys of Wisdom
  • The Akasha Element
  • The Fire Element
  • The Air Element
  • The Water Element
  • The Earth Element
  • The Assignment of the Chakras
  • The Chakra Training Routine with Elements
  • The Chakra Training – Explanations
  • The Chakra Training – Effects and Side Effects

You gain the following Knowledge and Skills:

  • The occult anatomy
  • The crucial meaning of the chakras for the spiritual path
  • The 6 aims for the work with the chakras
  • The nature of the chakras
  • The five elements in connection to the chakras
  • Chakra single training
  • Five elements chakra training

With your new Skills you can:

  • You can activate, vitalize, clean, strengthen and refine every chakra
  • You can heal and balance yourself through chakras
  • You can unfold higher virtues, powers and skills
  • You can work on your spiritual transformation
  • You can unfold your higher potential
  • You can strengthen and refine the five elements in yourself
  • You can use the chakra training to support other exercises in your spiritual training
  • You can grow your happiness, success, abundance, vitality and all that is beneficial in your personality and life

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Soul Training II