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“Love your neighbor as yourself!”

This is the universal message of all religions, – love yourself, love all people, love God and love creation!

Welcome to the universal Path of the Mystic!

Love is the universal message of all religions. We are called to love ourselves, to love all people, God and creation! Love is divine. Love is for all.

We honor all great teachers of mankind and hold them high in love and gratitude for all the enlightenment and wisdom which they brought selflessly to us.

I dedicate this platform especially to the great teachers Jesus, Buddha, Swami Vivekananda and the Mahatma incarnated as Franz Bardon. I am deeply grateful for all that I have learned from them.

I also want to honor Master Choa Kok Sui for his great work in the scientific development of the spiritual healing arts and Vera Birkenbihl for her great teachings in practical psychology.

Ray del Sole

Introduction - The Mystical Path and the Golden Age

We are at the end of Kali Yuga, – the dark, godless, materialistic age. The old system is slowly collapsing. It is followed by the golden, spiritual age, the Satya Yuga. We are experiencing a period of purification and reorientation. Now is the time to return to the universal spiritual teachings, mysticism, to evolve and work together for the rebirth of humanity. Mystical wisdom is the universal core teaching of all religions, eternal and universal. It offers the keys to the healing of humanity, society, and the environment. The mystical teachings offer the highest knowledge of God, humanity, and creation, and meditative techniques for purification, healing, and the perfection of individuals. In this way, each person can work on themselves, release their blockages, engage in healing, vitalize themselves, strengthen their health, and develop their higher potential, and then experience divine unity. The mystical path is about freedom, self-determination, self-empowerment, understanding the laws of creation, and mastery in life. One can walk the mystical path alone, but especially nowadays it is important to grow in a community, to network, and to support each other.

Together we can achieve more, share the joy of life, love, and friendship.

The Universal Mystical Teachings

Mysticism is about the love for God and the experience of oneness with the Divine Spirit. It is the path of love, humility, wisdom, service, and devotion. Individuals who follow the path of the mystic feel a deep longing for the Divine and desire to unite with God. Mystics are found in all religions and spiritual traditions, as it is the path of the heart. The highest goal of the mystic is the realization of oneness with God in love.

To achieve this goal, the mystic must purify themselves, cleanse themselves of negative thoughts, energies, and bad emotions to enter the process of healing. After healing comes sanctification, refining human nature towards the divine nature. Through spiritual exercises, prayer, and meditation, the mystic unfolds all their virtues. With humility and devotion, they approach God, worshiping in love and opening their soul to the divine spirit and the light of enlightenment.

As love grows from ordinary human love to divine love, embracing all beings and creation, the mystic awakens absolute love within themselves. With divine love comes wisdom and understanding of the great whole, leading to respect, appreciation, and compassion for all beings. In the state of divine love, the mystic sees everywhere the divine oneness hidden behind the diversity of life, recognizing divine beauty, harmony, and lawfulness in creation.

The mystic’s soul, purified, healed, and ennobled, becomes the temple of God, the vessel of the Divine Spirit, akin to the Holy Grail in Christian mysticism. After union with God, there are further ways to unfold the divine nature within oneself, striving for true perfection and harmony with the macrocosm. The noblest truths have always been transmitted by the mystics of all religions and traditions.

Sri Ramakrishna on the Central Truth of Mysticism

After the study and spiritual experience of Hinduism, Ramakrishna wanted to grasp Islam and Christianity and so he lived for some time like a Muslim and then like a Christian. In both cases, he realized the divine consciousness and understood the principle equality of religions that pursue the same goal with different paths. He says in this regard: “I have practiced all the customs of religion: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and I have also walked the paths of the different sects of Hinduism, and I have come to know that it is the same God to whom they all aspire, though by different paths…. You have to walk these different paths and really try each form of faith once. I see people everywhere fighting in the name of religion: Hindus, Muslims, Brahmas, Vishnuites, etc. But they do not consider that the one who is called Krishna is also called Shiva, and just as well he can be called Primordial Power, Jesus or Allah, and just as well the one Rama with his thousand names. A pond with many bathing steps. On one the Hindus draw the water in jars and call it Jal; on another the Muslims draw the water in leather hoses and call it Pani; on a third the Christians and call it Water. Can we imagine that this water is not Jal, but Pani or Water? That would be ridiculous! The original source is One under different names, and everyone searches for the same original source; only climate, disposition and naming create the differences.”

Our Mission

It is high time to recover from all the darkness, the chaos and the artificial problems which have been causing so much suffering in the world. Here we need to follow the three steps of the old mystics: Purification, Healing and Refinement. These steps are important and valid for the individual as well as for society and all aspects of life which have been corrupted by the dark side. On our platform we offer theory and training in a simple way for successful application, so that everyone can take the universal path of the Mystic towards the realization of enlightenment. Working on our own development offers a growing level of personal happiness, vitality, health, abundance and success. We unfold our potential, our true, spiritual nature and with this, love, compassion, understanding and wisdom. In this way we can change not only ourselves to the better but also our relationships, the conditions of life and society. We become conscious creators of life, taking responsibility, feeling empowered and inspired, knowing what to do, what is right and good. And this is our mission, – to offer all you need for your personal growth with a bright background of universal teachings, psychology, psychotherapy, coaching and management. Many have walked the path before you and now it is time for yourself to make it, step by step, like the butterfly unfolds from the caterpillar. For the development of society we also offer spiritual-social courses which can be implemented in groups by those who feel called. But all begins with the own personal development.

Our Values

We follow the eternal, universal teachings of the spiritual development of the human being. These teachings have been passed on from ancient times and respect the laws of creation. All laws are derived from the state of Divine Unity and with this the values of all-embracing divine love, compassion for all beings, wisdom and understanding are given. The law of Divine Harmony is ruling. Harmony points at the natural-divine order in life and creation, and this means health, vitality, happiness, inner peace and abundance for all beings. All divine virtues and all human virtues unfold from the divine source of life, and that is why we uphold them and are guided by them in everything we do. As Jesus said “Love your neighbor as yourself!” Love for all is the law.


About Ray

Ray del Sole is known as a respected author of a variety of books about the universal spiritual path. He is an acknowledged expert of metaphysics and mysticism with 30 years of training. He is a naturopath for psychotherapy, a master of hypnotherapy, life-coach, spiritual healer and teacher.

  • Over 30 years of spiritual studies and practical training on the universal path of Initiation
  • Author of a series of books about spiritual topics & healing
  • Founder of the Sura Academy for Holistic Spiritual Training
  • Founder of Sura United for international spiritual projects
  • Certified Naturopath for Psychotherapy
  • Certified Psychological Counselor
  • Certified Past-Life-Therapist
  • Spiritual Healer in the Mystical Tradition
  • Complete training in Pranic Healing (Choa Kok Sui)
  • Certified Master of Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Expert for Occupational health management
  • Expert for Rhetoric and Communication
  • Postgraduate Studies of Industrial Management
  • Expert for Management and Project Management
  • Certified Eco-Biologist for Health & Ecology
  • Graduate Engineer for Architecture, specialized in eco-friendly construction

My Path as a Mystic

Enlightenment is not the end. It is the start of the journey!

When I was six years old, I decided to dedicate myself to realizing wisdom in this life. At the age of ten, I had the impression that we all are imprisoned in this world, in this physical body. As a teenager, I was very busy with studying all kinds of books to grow in the understanding of our world, – books about sciences, philosophies, religions, mysteries, spiritual traditions, etc. At eighteen I found by coincidence a book with instructions on how to become a hermetic. So far I knew this topic mainly from legends and fairy tales and so I was curious. Indeed, it was the first book of Franz Bardon and I was fascinated about his scientific and clear approach and so I started to understand its value and with this my training started too. At eighteen I had some deeper insights – thanks to the hermetic studies and so I had a major enlightenment realizing the cosmic consciousness including a bump on my head due to the massive streams of energy over days. Many years later, I got more insights about what really happened during this process. I have understood that it was a kind of re-enlightenment as I was used to this state already in former incarnations. Further on, which was much more fascinating, – I have discovered that I had used the performance of the cosmic letter E of Bardon´s Quabbalah training subconsciously to realize the cosmic consciousness and enlightenment. This means that I had some kind of training and initiation in this high science in a former life already. And in fact, looking back, I have been on a long spiritual journey in different religions, countries, times and cultures already. Everything is quite interesting and fascinating. I am deeply grateful for the memories which came up in my mind in different situations. There were many good times, – spiritual times and I have met “old” gods and the Divine Spirit again, a reconnection in great joy, love and happiness. I must also say that I am deeply grateful for receiving the chance to undergo the holistic mystical training of Franz Bardon which means to be initiated into the whole nature of God, the macrocosmic virtues, powers and states of mind and soul. I call it the “treasure chest” of God. This allows me to say that I am a true mystic. Nevertheless, the spiritual journey goes on and there is so much to learn, so much also to master. Beginners often think that when you accomplish a certain step in your development that you suddenly have all skills, all powers, all the knowledge of everything but this is not the case. In fact, every skill needs its training and creation is so big that there is a lot to study. Besides this, missions are waiting for the mature soul to serve mankind. At last, I must admit that my path has not been from zero to perfection like Bardon offers it in his idealistic teachings which are more a guideline than an individual guide for your personal situation. In fact, most students of Bardon are very old souls with lots of spiritual training from former incarnations and are only here to complete the initiation process. But however it might be, we are all here to make progress and we are all brothers on the path, bound by true divine love, light and care.

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