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Soul Training III

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Our Topics in Theory and Practice are:

  • Introduction – Working with the 5 Elements
  • The 5 Elements and Creation
  • The 5 Elements and the Mind
  • The 5 Elements and the Soul
  • Aspects of the Earth Element in the Personality
  • Aspects of the Water Element in the Personality
  • Aspects of the Air Element in the Personality
  • Aspects of the Fire Element in the Personality
  • Aspects of the Akasha Element in the Personality
  • The Breathing of the Elements – Requirements
  • The Breathing of the Elements – how it works
  • Programming of the Elements
  • The Technique – how to do it
  • Breathing of the Fire Element
  • Guided Meditation: Fire Element
  • Breathing of the Air Element
  • Guided Meditation: Air Element
  • Breathing of the Water Element
  • Guided Meditation: Water Element
  • Breathing of the Earth Element
  • Guided Meditation: Earth Element
  • The Magical Equilibrium
  • Guided Meditation: The Magical Equilibrium
  • Accumulation Training with the 4 Elements
  • Conclusions for the Work with the 4 Elements
  • Breathing of the Akasha Element
  • Guided Meditation: Akasha Element
  • Results of working with the Akasha Element
  • Conclusions of Soul Training III

You gain the following Knowledge and Skills:

  • The true meaning of the 5 elements for your spiritual development
  • How to work with the elements to transform and balance your soul
  • The breathing techniques for saturation and accumulation
  • The nature of the fifth element
  • The differences between the four and the fifth element
  • How to empower and refine yourself
  • How to program the energies for maximum effects and progress

With your new Skills you can:

  • You can work with the 5 elements on the inner alchemy of your soul
  • You can balance yourself in a universal way in quality and power
  • You can unfold higher virtues, powers and skills according to the elements
  • You can realize a major achievement on your spiritual path
  • You can unfold your higher potential
  • You can strengthen and refine the five elements in yourself
  • You can accomplish mastery over the five elements
  • You can grow your happiness, success, abundance, vitality and all that is beneficial in your personality and life

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Soul Training III