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Basic / per Month*


* The price for membership is €24.95 per Month.
With our basic subscription, you open the door to a treasure trove of knowledge. For just €24.95 per month (including 19% VAT), 
  • you get access to a growing range of fascinating courses of your choice
  •  immerse yourself in the magical journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth and ancient wisdom
  •  gain access to community events and spiritual healing sessions
Uncover the secrets of the mystical world in theory and practice from the comfort of your own home.
Courses included: unlim

Premium / per Month*


* The price for membership is €36.95 per Month.
Enhance your mystical experience with our Premium subscription. For just €36.95 per month (including 19% VAT), in addition to the basic package, you will receive access to special events such as 
  • live Satsangs 
  • live guided meditations and 
  • live meetings on special topics 
And can thus promote your spiritual development even more intensively. Follow the path to enlightenment.
Courses included: unlim

Student / per Month*


* The price for membership is €12.95 per Month.
Follow the path of wisdom and love for a small contribution with our student subscription. For €12.95 (including 19% VAT) per month
  • you can participate in a growing number of courses that will broaden your horizons and enhance your spiritual growth 
  • get access to community events and spiritual healing sessions
Please understand that proof of student status must be provided for your discounted subscription.
Courses included: unlim

Free Membership


Embark on Your Mystical Journey

  • Explore Free Events: Discover the world of mysticism through introductory workshops and talks.
  • Experience Free Mystical Healings: Sample the power of our healing practices to find inner peace and balance.
  • Join Our Community: Connect with like-minded seekers on the mystical path.

Upgrade anytime for More: Unlock a richer experience with our Basic and Premium memberships anytime you want.

Courses included: unlim

Free Membership

Unveil your inner mystic with our Free Membership! Dive into a world of spiritual awakening and community connection, at no cost. Experience captivating free events, transformative mystical healings, and engage with our vibrant community.
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Additionally to the chosen subscription we also have a few special courses which must be booked separately.

The following courses are not included in any membership:

  • Magic Quabbalah Course (270 Euros)
  • Fountain of Youth (270 Euros)