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Magic Quabbalah Course

Embark on a transformative journey into the mystical realm of Quabbalah with our master-level course.
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Duration 6 Months and 3 Weeks
Lectures 14
Video 6:43 Hours
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Magic Quabbalah Course
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Welcome to

Magic Quabbalah Course

Embark on a transformative journey into the mystical realm of Quabbalah with our master-level course. Over 6 months and 3 weeks, you’ll explore the profound wisdom of the ten Keys of Wisdom, delve into the essence of the 27 letters through color, sound, and feeling, and unlock the secrets of powerful formulas and divine names. With a total of 14 lectures and 6 hours and 43 minutes of carefully crafted content, you’ll gain comprehensive knowledge and skills, from understanding practical Quabbalah to mastering the art of invoking and evoking gods and goddesses. Topics covered in theory and practice include:

  • Introduction and theory of the magical Quabbalah
  • The ten Keys of Wisdom – the laws of Creation
  • The 27 letters in their aspect of color, sound, and feeling – theory & training
  • Mystical single-letter training with all 27 letters
  • Formulas of the four elements on all four planes
  • Working with the names of Deities

Acquire the following Knowledge and Skills:

  • Complete understanding of practical Quabbalah
  • Spiritual training for the realization of the divine nature within
  • Mastery of the four elements on all planes
  • Science of using divine names as formulas
  • Total understanding of gods and goddesses
  • Creation directly from Akasha

Embark on this mystical journey, commit to the teachings, and unlock the power to shape your reality. Are you ready to become an absolute master of microcosm and macrocosm? Attention: This course is currently available in the following languages: English. We plan to release translations of the courses in the main languages (the same as available in our site translation menu) in the coming months. If you would like to be notified when the course is translated into your language, please provide your email address below and select your preferred language.

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Magic Quabbalah Course
The Use of Accumulation in the quabbalistic Practice
We know the idea of accumulating energy from the work with vital energy, the four elements and the fluids. Here we increase the quantity of the energy to a maximum in ourselves, an object or space for maximum effects. The process of accumulation also offers a compression of energy which means that the energy gets denser, showing effects on the lower planes of existence. For example, if we work with the water element, then we have the idea of coldness on the mental plane. Compressing the energy by accumulation offers the feeling of coldness on the astral plane. Compressing the energy even more offers physical effects of coldness.
So far, so good.
In the frame of quabbalistic practice, the idea of accumulation is nearly invisible. Indeed, Franz Bardon mentions it only maybe 2-3 times in his whole book. So, it is easy to overlook and to ignore it.
But in fact, we can apply the same process of accumulation, - “dynamic breathing” – for the work with single letters and realized formulas. Here the space is charged and then its energy is simply inhaled and accumulated as we know it.
The effects are the same, - we compress the energy of a letter or formula, making it denser, accomplishing denser qualities, powers and effects.
In conclusion, this idea of accumulation is a useful technique in the quabbalistic practice for working on the lower planes of existence, especially for effects in the material world.
As a side note: What we perceive as a material effect is often happening on the astral level.
2 important aspects of the training
You can do a lot of training with the quabbalistic letters. I want to remind you about two important points. The first point is, that the training is basically meant to transform your whole human nature into divine nature, - the true and highest mystical training, respectively development. This means that you transform yourself into a universal deity, into a god or goddess corresponding to the deities of the spheres. There are only two differences. You are universal, all-including as your nature consists of all 27 letters while the deities consist only of a very few letters. This means that you are a perfect image of God. The other difference is that you have no specific field of activity and divine function in the administration of creation which includes not the high specialization in knowledge and skills of a specific deity. You are free (to follow your own divine mission respectively your personal interests). If you want to specialize in a specific field, you need extra teachings and training by the corresponding deity.
This transformation is necessary for quabbalistic operations, without it, the cosmic language does not work.
This must be understood.
Second point: The application of each letter on the Akasha plane of your microcosm is absolutely important for full success. On the Akasha plane you anchor the single letters, you plant them, so that they can unfold perfectly in your nature from the top down through all planes if necessary.
Practically speaking, you set yourself on the Akasha plane of your microcosm and then speak there the single letter, filling your whole microcosm, then you can meditate about its highest qualities and powers.
A second approach is to speak the letter into a small sphere in the Akasha depth point of your microcosm. In this case, we have a concentration of the letter in the Akasha point. I personally prefer the first method. However, you can follow your intuition.
You can repeat this “anchoring” / “planting” meditation to unfold the single letter on the highest level perfectly in you. If this is accomplished, all other planes of existence – mental and astral plane are easier to manage, and if desired also the material plane. But remember that the Divine is Akasha / highest mental plane, and the normal mental and astral plane are already different in nature. The astral plane works as usual with accumulation by breathing the letters respectively by repeated speaking of them.
Skipping Akasha in two-letter and three-letter formulas? What about accumulation?
Yes, Akasha is skipped. The point is to perceive the formulas from the desired purpose, the goal.
The goal of two-letter-formulas is a mental effect; of three-letter-formulas an astral effect.
Now we must ask how can we get these mental or astral effects/results?
The answer is as I said in the video, - as Bardon says it in his book.
Using a letter on the Akasha plane normally makes only sense for realizing the highest, divine idea of a letter in yourself. So, the one letter application is completely limited to yourself and the highest purpose of realizing the divine nature in you.
Besides this, already if you repeat a letter, then you have directly a two-letter-formula with mental effects.
Besides these things, Bardon has a natural tendency to explain things in a way that the student can easily get confused. It takes some extra effort to read between the lines. Here the message is that the master is very flexible in composing formulas, respectively which techniques he wants to apply for specific results. There are a few good ways to get a desired result. So, it depends on the master how he wants to do it.
For example, let´s take the three-letter-formulas: You can approach it from the mental plane plus the physical plane and the astral plane. Or you work only on the astral plane. Then there are additional choices how you use your voice and if you use the Akasha principle and how you program everything.
The smartest approach is always the simplest one. In the end all depends on and derives from your goal. So, always ask yourself which goal (clear definition) you want to realize. Your intentions are a main key in the entire process.
Regarding the question about the degree of accumulation:
The more breathing/accumulating of a letter, the denser the effects of it, including the change of qualities. Practically speaking, this means that you desire for example specific astral effects and then you have to inhale/accumulate the letter energy as long as needed to get the desired, astral effects.
If you work with one letter, - like A, - A-A-A, to realize the astral qualities of A, then it is quite simple as you just charge a space with A, inhaling and accumulating it.
Composed formulas with different letters do not work this way as the letters react with each other. Here it makes sense to do experiments, how the application works for you well. From my personal experience it is in most cases sufficient to speak all letters once in a row. But certainly, you can experiment with accumulation or with repeating the formula or with repeating each letter twice to get denser effects. As I have said, we are quite flexible in the work. The numbers of the letters in the formula have a symbolic dimension and the practical application can differ from this, which is no problem at all. A student/master cannot be perfectly charged every day for maximum results. So, just go with the flow and follow your intuition.
Balance in training and attunement?
Bardon´s example with the student working several months with letter A is nice but also questionable. Working with one energy only over days, weeks or months causes a massive imbalance. If we do not want to suffer, we need to balance the elements, and this is also valid for the quabbalistic training. So, from my experience and point of views it makes the most sense to do training cycles with all letters. In this regard, imagine building a house. You do not build one wall completely and the next one, but you build all walls equally stepwise in height. And so, we must build up the four elements in us, the fluids and the letters. Otherwise, we get real problems with balance/health.
A big part of the training is simply to get used to speaking letters, memorizing the qualities and automating the processes. The other aspect is to make the energies powerful and dynamic. And for achieving this we need a high level of personal power and divine consciousness. Here it is important to understand that all letters belong basically to the divine spheres, the planetary spheres, - finest, divine energy, which makes the god-connection/ divine consciousness necessary. And this means that it can help a lot if you activate your god mode before the exercises or activate your crown chakra by concentration or charge yourself with light.
Later you could simply apply letters like H or K or SCH or you charge your body regions with corresponding letters to empower you, for example Sch in the head, A or L in the chest, M in the belly and B in the legs.
In all cases - try to raise your power level plus god mode and things become easier and better.
Regarding the attunement - here you can utilize the idea that the energy of the letters already exists in the universe, so that you can set yourself into a space filled with a specific letter to inhale it and to meditate in it. In this way, you can connect yourself to all letters.
Letter L?
Just short: The quabbalistic letter L unfolds great effects in terms of spiritualization. It especially activates and refines heart chakra, ear chakras and third eye which also means that clairvoyance with the forehead chakra and clairaudience are supported and developed. These are amazing effects which certainly can be utilized in the training.
Could you please tell me your definition of ‘mastering’ a letter?
Mastery of a letter means that you are able to create the desired effects of the letter with ease in a few seconds, in yourself or in a space or object, on the Akasha plane, mental plane, astral plane and if needed also on the material plane.
Let´s say that there are three goals which are needed to be able to operate like a master:
As God has all power and all authority, we must completely develop the God in us, - God mode.
We need mastery over the five elements, light and the two fluids.
Our energy system/body must be developed towards a power plant to support all operations perfectly.
And then we really must go through the single steps which Bardon describes, - so you work with the light aspect, then you work with the sound aspect, then you work with the water aspect, and then you focus on the earth element in combining all aspects in one performance.
It can help to apply the accumulation technique, - breathing and accumulating a letter energy in yourself to strengthen your astral body.
Working on the Akasha plane is also very important as you set here the seeds for total mastery. Here we work on the highest, divine level to realize our transformation into a Divine Spirit.
All in all, most important is the God-Consciousness. So before you work with the letters, activate the divine consciousness in yourself then things should work out easier and better.
PS: In fact, as a master if you work with a letter 1-3 hours, you would be already dead, simply because it is too much. If I apply a letter three times in a few seconds, it is already a lot to bear. I wouldn´t apply a letter for longer than a minute.
The work with the light aspect is also a key for success as you build up your will power to the maximum. I hope this helps, if not, please describe in detail how you work with a letter.
‘A true Quabbalist applies a letter once or maybe a very few times with absolutely satisfying results in a very few seconds’ What does this mean specifically?
We have the descriptions of the letters with their effects. Now, let´s imagine you want to apply a specific letter to realize its specific effects on the Akasha plane or the mental plane or even on the astral plane.
To be a master means to speak once or twice or maybe 3-5 times a letter and to get directly the desired results on the corresponding plane. For Akasha one time is fine. Mentally two times and for the astra level three or more times are good. The whole performance takes a few seconds of speaking a letter.
Now, the point is that the Divine Spirit in you is so powerful to realize the letters easily and fast. Additionally, your energy body is so refined and powerful that the results show up with full support from your energy system.
Remember that you transform, strengthen and refine your whole microcosm by the mystic training of the Quabbalah as Bardon describes it. Before this, you do it by working with the five elements and the two fluids in main.
In conclusion, you speak letters as a god, a divine authority and creator. The god mode.
The quabbalistic training makes you a god, in fact the perfect image of the macrocosmic GOD, perfect in nature and the sum of all deities.
The meaning of volts in KTQ?
When we think of the electromagnetic fluid then we can see that it is always an interaction of the electric and the magnetic fluid, - the polarity where the two poles are nourishing each other. The ideal form is the so-called volt with the electric fluid in the center, surrounded by the magnetic fluid. If one fluid is strengthened, the other fluid is strengthened automatically due to the interactive polarity.
So we can say that a volt is basically a battery, based on the two fluids, feeding each other.
The letter B as well as other letters like O is based on the electromagnetic fluid and with this already a kind of volt. When we combine letters like D and M, then we have fire and water element which build together a volt too. In three- or four-letter formulas we can have single volts included, for example letter B, or the volt can be a partial formula based on fire and water or the electric and magnetic fluid. Additionally, we can also consciously create a part of a formula as a volt if it makes sense, for example for a powerful realization.
In conclusion, working with formulas offers great freedom and all depends on the purpose we want to achieve with the creation of a specific formula.
A formula says only which letters are involved but it needs an extra description of how the letters are used. We certainly have standards but in fact the Quabbalist is free to work as he wants.
Again, - the term “volt” describes basically a battery, consisting of the two fluids. As the fluids are hidden in the four elements, we can create such batteries as we want.
PS: The standard is to set the volt in the Akasha for a maximum of effect in realization. This is certainly also valid for the quabbalistic practice. Besides this, batteries or volts can be used in all ways which make sense, so it lies in the responsibility of the magician.
Choice of letters for extra training
As you will have already noticed: In the diversity of letters there are those which can push your progress, which appear more important than others regarding a powerful development. Certainly, you are free to put a focus on such letters to master all letters easier and faster and to gain in a more efficient way total mastery in the quabbalistic science and art.
On the other hand, there are letters of special beauty and those letters which you might need as an individual to balance yourself or to grow.
So, just check all letters and make your choices for extra training for your personal benefits.
Peter Dexheimer "Formelreferenz - Handbuch '07"
Peter Dexheimer and his book about quabbalistic formulas "Formelreferenz - Handbuch '07"
Now, this book is still spooking through the internet although it is already quite old. There are some points which should be understood:
All formulas can be found in KTQ, so they are nothing special
The author teaches that "everyone" can use the formulas, - without any preliminary training and without having master IIH, - which is far away from reality.
The application of the formulas works in a repetitive way - this is also far away from the professional use of formulas
The repetition of letters or formulas can be understood as a mantra practice
This "mantra practice" is said to offer certain effects to some degree, - nevertheless it is questionable and can work only on the lowest level if at all.
A true Quabbalist applies a letter once or maybe a very few times with absolutely satisfying results in a very few seconds. This is valid for the application of formulas too. This is the standard where all true students should orientate on. So, not at all 33 repetitions or more over days to gain low effects, far away from the quality described in KTQ.
The true power of the letters comes from the Divine, not from human speaking. Simple speaking of letters does not offer the necessary dynamic power for maximum effectivity.
In conclusion: Just drop Peter Dexheimer and his book as it is of no value for us.
Numbers in the KTQ?
We have many who are engaged in Hermetics. Everyone has an individual approach. I have mine. I simply follow Bardon. Everything else is not my business. Certainly, I check partially the work of others to evaluate things. So, I have read Rawn´s book on KTQ. From my point of view, the big mistake is to mix up the universal KTQ teachings of Bardon with traditional, Jewish teachings. It simply doesn't work as both are of different quality and meaning. Mixing up teachings never works. And - there is no need for doing so. Regarding the numbers: Numbers have a meaning as you know, and we must be able to work accordingly. The numbers represent the laws of creation. So, if we want to work in a lawful way, then we must regard the numbers. This simply means, if you want to realize a wish, then you have to regard the number 3 as the wish must realize through all three planes of existence. You also have to regard number 4 as all what is realized is made of the four elements. In the quabbalistic practice it means that we use number 1, - one letter for the divine aspect, for ourselves, number 2, - two letters for mental effects, three letters for astral effects and four letters for material effects. Besides this, we should regard the right number for the corresponding spheres, - 8 for Mercury, 6 for the sun, and so on. And that's it. We do not need to make use of the lower science of numerology, addressing numbers to the letters as it makes absolutely no sense in the real quabbalistic practice. Numerology is far away from applying the cosmic language. It is also not used in the German original book of KTQ. It was just an idea of Rawn to connect to the Jewish traditional teachings.
What is crucial for success in the quabbalistic work?
Besides everything regarding the preliminary training, - crucial is the successful refinement of the energy body - to be a fully functional power station, and crucial is the Divine Spirit in the temple, the god mode. This means when your microcosm is a powerful, high-tension temple of God, then the application of the letters is easy, powerful and quickly. And this means, the stronger your state of unity with the Divine Spirit, the better works the quabbalistic application of letters. The normal human aspect is not able to do it. It is the divine nature which does it. Practically speaking - when you focus on your state of unity, then things are easier.
What about the right leg?
The right leg is the only body part which is not specifically connected to a cosmic letter by Bardon. One reason might be that there is no 28th letter for the right leg. Another reason might be that it is simply irrelevant. The addressing of letters to organs makes in most cases clearly sense and in other cases we can understand it as an interactive system of energy fields, influencing each other and then it can make sense from a higher point of view. However, from my personal point of view it is much more important to do the training with all letters in the whole microcosm and the Akasha plane of the microcosm.
Coming back to the right leg, - here we can take a few different perspectives. First one: You can charge both legs with CH, creating a magnetic pole as the opposite to the electric pole of the head, following the principle of polarity. Earth region/ground magnetic versus head/sky electric. Second one: Charge left leg with CH = magnetic pole and right leg with S = electric pole, - both together = earth/electromagnetic fluid. Here the legs build the two pillars of universal power. In conclusion, you are free to deal with this but certainly it makes sense to regard the principles, the higher physics.
Later, the “real” work with the letters and formulas does not focus on charging the organs. Here the element regions are much more interesting to apply “god-formulas” or to increase desirable powers, skills and virtues in the corresponding region.
The display of the music scale in the videos and the workbook.
The intention was to show the music scale for the simple and easy understanding of the right pitch of the single letters. For normal people this works well. Only for professionals from the music field the question comes up about the right octave as a higher octave is shown in the images. The right octave is the normal one. This is a mistake by me as I am not a professional in this regard, - like 99,99% too.
Later for the practice itself it is absolutely sufficient if you differentiate lowest, low, middle, high, higher, highest pitches. So, it is not really about the music scale. A more intuitive, individual approach is fine after the preliminary training.
Self-responsibility and technical limitations regarding the correct colors and sounds.
The colors are partially quite difficult to picture. Here the causes are the light quality in the own room, the monitor and its calibration, the limitations of photoshop as colors like “silver violet” simply cannot be produced correctly, and at last the photo prints regarding printing quality - matt or glossy, and especially if there is a hidden quality optimizer program at the print shop. So, even with the best intentions for realizing perfection it is not possible, respectively it takes a graphic designer with professional equipment and a special printer.
Regarding the sounds. In the video I give examples which are as good as possible from my side. The correct pitches are displayed as scales in the videos and in my workbook and the cards. As I have noted, I suggest making use of a pitch pipe to get the right pitch for each letter. The letter sound MP3 files have been produced by me and a professional musician, so here the pitch should be good.
In general, in this world we can only orientate on perfection. I do my best, but this is certainly not your personal limit. So, focus on your own level of perfection. Check if the pitches, sounds or colors are correct and if for example a color is a little bit too light due to the technical problems, then please correct it for your application.
Although I have improved all cards for the fifth time, I will check again and correct a few colors as they need more saturation, are too light or too dark, etc. I have replaced L, P and M.
Mystical training and memorizing of qualities.
A hint regarding the mystical training and the memorizing of all qualities: In fact, the qualities are already hidden in the energy and just need to be connected consciously. So, it is about becoming aware of all the qualities which are hidden in the threefold speaking of the letters.
Importance of goal-orientation.
When we follow the idea of goal-orientation then we have the preliminary training with the goals of getting able to speak the letters as colored light, as sound and as feeling sensation separately to be able to charge all kinds of spaces, objects, body regions, organs, etc. Then we have the threefold imagination which combines the three-sense imagination. If this threefold imagination is mastered, the student is ready for the real mystical training where the qualities of the single letters are addressed, memorized and connected with the three-sense imagination. These are all steps in the training. The threefold imagination is a technical goal and major step and the next very big goal and step is the real mystical training as then you become a real Quabbalist in the sense of Bardon. Once this step is achieved, you are free to work with all kinds of formulas. In conclusion, from my point of view it is simply all about realizing the steps with full goal-orientation to achieve the major breakthroughs for transformation and quabbalistic work. As you are very diligent and focused in your work, you should achieve all the steps very well.
Applying the letters in Akasha, - how?
It is the Akasha (plane) of the own microcosm. So, you have to enter your Akasha point/center, getting on your personal Akasha plane to work there.
Training with mental voice, low voice, loud voice, - when?
This belongs to the preliminary training with focus on sound.
The role of E and A as vowels to make letters sound?
We have several letters which are connected to E to make them dynamic. E plays a key role as it is the letter of materialization, - of realization. Some letters are connected to the vowel A for making them dynamic, - here it is a matter of the air element. In conclusion we can find a hidden meaning in the combination of certain consonants and vowels.
Cosmic letters and the elements?
We can easily apply the fivefold key of wisdom to analyze the cosmic letters. As a result, we will discover that sounds, qualities, powers, etc. are directly connected to the five elements. The cosmic letters are not all homogen - representing one element - but in fact many are composed of one, two or more elements, - so they are special in nature and not one-dimensional. This is something which needs to be understood. Nevertheless, they have one or two specific fields or regions of activity.
Quabbalah? Kabbalah? Cosmic Language? Creator Language? Tantras?
The most fitting term for the science and art we are working with is “Creator Language” as the Creator uses this language to create. As this language is universal and cosmic, we can call it the “Cosmic Language”. Only in human terms, connected to the Jewish tradition we call it Quabbalah or Kabbalah. In the same way we could call it Tantric language or something like this. This all means that we should or must focus on the universal quality and not on the traditional, human aspects. Jewish tradition is not universal. Universal is not Jewish tradition. So, if you focus only on the practical, the realization of the Creator Language then progress will be much easier than with confusing the universal teachings with human, traditional approaches. In fact, Bardon could have used Buddhist terms for these teachings. When you work with the oracle of Manjushri then you will find the cosmic letters hidden in his syllables. Again - it is not about Buddhist or Jewish tradition. It is about the universal, cosmic language. Confusing such things is a big burden and blockade.
Difference German language versus other languages
You may wonder why German is used as the basis for the cosmic language teachings. When you compare German with French, English, Italien and other languages, we can say that the pronunciation in German is “pure” while in other languages we have various, changed pronunciations. So, it makes sense to use German or any other similar language with “pure” pronunciation as a basis for the teachings.
Does the mother language of the student matter?
Each sound has a specific meaning. So, we cannot simply use an English, French or Chinese pronunciation of the cosmic letters. This does not work from the practical point of view. From the theoretical point of view, we can take one example of Bardon´s descriptions. It is about the use of the J-H-W-H formula as a threefold formula where he adds vocals:
“Thus, for example, if the J is connected with an o, o must be written as a lower case letter next to the J. Quabbalistically only the J is used - voltaic - but phonetically Jo is pronounced. The same is true of the second, third and fourth letters. The formula Jo Ho W”
In conclusion, it is important to use the right pronunciation independent from your own mother language. The cosmic language is universal in nature like mathematics.
PS: The right sounds matter. This is only obvious if you speak German. For example, the letters A and Ä. In English you speak A like Ä and this has the total opposite meaning.
Letter Phonetics - listening to the Phonetics given by Ray for each letter I am unable to differentiate between the sound for letter C and the sound for letter S. They both sound like ‘ssssssss’. guidance on the difference please.
Yes, this is a good observation. So, in fact, the sound of several letters is equal or similar. C, S, Z. Together with SCH they are the sounds of fire. Z is a little bit different as it is tsssss. Indeed, the differences are super small and not crucial for success. Just have in mind that we have sounds according to the elements.
There is also a strong similarity between the 24th letter U with 2 dots on top and 26th letter O with 2 dots on Top of it.
Yes, another good observation. We have U, Ü, Ö which have similarities as all are connected to Akasha. The pronunciation is different, probably not easy to get for an English speaker. Let´s see how we can optimize the sound understanding.
Musical scale
We as human beings have a natural musical scale which differentiates between low and high tones which we individually can produce. All other musical scales, - the octaves are naturally in resonance with the individual octave. So, there are no problems. For orientation, the normal musical scale can serve well. I think that it is G-Dur. In the end we need to focus on the practice itself, on what we can perform as an individual, - low - middle - high and inbetween.