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Mind Training I

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Please read this article before you start learning.

Our Topics in Theory and Practice are:

  • Introduction  – the Mystery of the Mind
  • The Mind from the Hermetic Point of View
  • The Qualities, Powers and Skills of the Mind
  • The special Nature of the Mind
  • The special Meaning of the Skills of the Mind
  • The Power of Concentration
  • GM: Concentration Exercise with a Candle Flame
  • GM: Concentration Exercise on a single Idea
  • The real Meaning of Meditation
  • Guided Meditation about Love
  • The true Meaning of Samadhi (Unity)
  • Guided Meditation – Unity with a Butterfly

You gain the following Knowledge and Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge about the nature of the mind and its skills
  • Practical training of the mind for success on the spiritual path
  • The meaning of concentration with practical exercises
  • The nature of the Ajna Chakra and its special meaning
  • The true nature of meditation with its great diversity of applications
  • The introduction of the Throne Posture
  • The true meaning of Samadhi, the training of the state of unity

With your new Skills you can:

  • You get more into control of yourself and your life
  • You enjoy more freedom, self-confidence and success
  • You are more self-determined 
  • You make less mistakes
  • You are more focused in the present moment
  • You can make use of the throne posture for your spiritual training
  • You can analyze problems comprehensively and holistically for a maximum understanding and for finding the fitting solutions
  • You can work with the keys of wisdom to solve any kind of problem
  • You can unite basically with other beings and objects to take part in their nature for the deepest possible understanding of them

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Is there an error in the the sheet about the introduction to the hermetic perspective?
No. In the introduction part of Mind Training I there is the powerpoint sheet about the hermetic perspective on the mind. There I start with a free spoken introduction to emphasize the importance of the differences between the official science and the hermetic understanding, - without displayed text. This might be confusing but it is correct. After half a minute I start with the original text.
So, all is fine, just a little confusing..