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Mind Training II

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Please read this article before you start learning.

Our Topics in Theory and Practice are:

  • Introduction – The Mastery of Thoughts
  • The Polarity of Mind
  • The Observer State
  • Exercise: Observing a Situation
  • Exercise: Observing an Object
  • Exercise: Observing your Thoughts
  • Mental Hygiene: Good Thoughts – Bad Thoughts
  • Thought Control
  • Mastery of Thoughts
  • Stillness of Mind
  • Exercise: Stillness of Mind
  • The Mystical Approach for Stillness of Mind

You gain the following Knowledge and Skills:

  • The nature of the mind
  • The nature of the thoughts
  • The polarity of mind
  • The nature of subconsciousness
  • The observer state with three exercises
  • Mental Hygiene
  • Thought Control in daily life
  • Thought Control in challenging situations
  • The Stillness of Mind
  • The Mystical Approach for Stillness of Mind


With your new Skills you can:


  • You understand your mind and can handle all aspects of it
  • You raise your awareness
  • You can maintain your mental hygiene even under bad conditions
  • You are the master of your mind, enjoying all its advantages
  • Your mental health, well-being and success are increasing
  • You keep control over your thoughts
  • You can keep the stillness of mind with all benefits
  • You enjoy divine guidance and with this safety on the path
  • You know how to realize the mystical wedding through the stillness of mind

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