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Mind Training III

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Please read this article before you start learning.

Our Topics in Theory and Practice are:

  • Introduction – Imagination: Training the Senses
  • Imagination – the step to higher Skills
  • The Training of Visual Imagination
  • Guided Meditation: Visual Imagination
  • The Training of Auditory Imagination
  • Guided Meditation: Auditory Imagination
  • The Training of Sensory Imagination
  • Guided Meditation: Heat Imagination
  • Guided Meditation: Lightness Imagination
  • Guided Meditation: Cold Imagination
  • Guided Meditation: Heaviness Imagination
  • The Training of Olfactory Imagination
  • Guided Meditation: Olfactory Imagination
  • The Training of Taste Imagination
  • Guided Meditation: Taste Imagination
  • Reflections on Imagination Training

You gain the following Knowledge and Skills:

  • You know the nature of imagination.
  • You are able to work as a conscious creator of reality.
  • You can work with all five senses in a creative, imaginary way.
  • You can vitalize and empower your mind.
  • You can realize the potential of your mind.
  • You are prepared for the higher training of the mind.
  • You make a big step towards mastery in life.

With your new Skills you can:


  • Awake and develop the higher potential of your mind.
  • Become a genius and a memory master.
  • Enjoy a high degree of creativity.
  • Enjoy the various benefits of the development of your senses.
  • Have greater success in life thanks to your new Creator Skills.
  • Realize your wishes faster and in a more powerful way.
  • Grow in mastery of life and on the spiritual path.

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Mind Training III