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The Mystical Meditation

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Please read this article before you start learning.

Our Topics in Theory and Practice are:

  • Introduction to the Mystical Path and its special approach
  • Jesus, the Master of all Mystics
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • The special qualities, powers and effects of Divine Love
  • The preparation of the Mystical Meditation
  • The Ocean of Divine Love
  • The Ocean of Divine Light
  • The Art of Blessing
  • The Mystical Meditation
  • Conclusions


You gain the following Knowledge and Skills:

  • The main aspects of the path of the mystic
  • The meaning of divine love and how to realize it in yourself
  • The meaning of divine light and how you can strengthen your divine nature
  • The meaning of blessings and how you can do it
  • The mystical meditation to support your process of enlightenment and growth
  • A good way to do Karma Yoga for the benefit of all beings


With your new Skills you can:

  • Grow on the spiritual path to realize divine unity and fulfillment
  • Balance, heal, vitalize, strengthen yourself
  • Purify, heal and refine yourself as the old mystics used to say
  • Find true happiness, true bliss in God
  • Bless the world and all beings for the greater benefit of all
  • Burn your own karma and blockades
  • Realize your full, divine potential

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