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The Universal Teachings

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Please read this article before you start learning.

Our Topics in Theory and Practice are:

  • Introduction – The Sense of Life
  • Introduction – Sources & Answers
  • The Problem of Choice
  • Keys of Evaluation (Wisdom)
  • The Nature of Opinions
  • The Official Sciences
  • The Alternative Sciences
  • Philosophies
  • Religions
  • Spiritual Traditions
  • The Universal Teachings
  • The Application of the Universal Teachings
  • The Laws of Creation
  • Conclusions

You gain the following Knowledge and Skills:

  • You know the different sources of knowledge and their value
  • You know what is really important for you in life and on the spiritual path
  • You are able to distinguish light from darkness
  • You are able to avoid traps
  • You have the keys to evaluate information from various sources
  • You know how to grow in true understanding of God, mankind and creation
  • You have the keys for a lawful life, success and true happiness

With your new Skills you can:

  • Improve yourself, making the right choices for your benefit
  • Grow in understanding of yourself, creation and God
  • Make better progress on the spiritual path
  • Analyze yourself, others, situations and teachings
  • Follow the laws of creation for true happiness, success and abundance
  • Grow in the realization of all divine laws and principles
  • Grow in wisdom

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